Planning Florida’s Future

Fifty years ago a visionary came to Florida and foresaw a future for our State that no one else could have imagined. In November 1963, as Walt Disney flew above the lakes, swamps, and pastures of central Florida, he did not focus on prevalent cattle and agriculture below him.

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Creating an Inclusive SE Florida Regional Leadership Organization

Regionalism is a widely-used term these days, especially in Southeast Florida. It’s one thing to talk about regional cooperation, but it’s another entirely for local officials to act and think regionally. Try as they might, municipal and county governments – which often hold the planning and taxing authority – are simply not set up to function regionally.

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Using the Best Data… But Ready to Update the Projections

The modeling of mid-century concerns will address the day to day impacts of sea level rise. Extreme events such as hurricanes, unusual rainfall, and other unpredictable occurrences will also impact our community and are likely to drive changes in attitudes and investments.

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The Everglades & the Prosperity of the Seven50 Region

As we look at the seven-county Treasure Coast/ South Florida area, our planning must be guided by an understanding that the lifeblood of this region is water. The quality and quantity of water influences the present and will determine the health and sustainability of our future.

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Energizing Florida

Looking at the staples of Florida’s economy, real estate and tourism, we realize that people won’t move to Florida if they can’t catch their breath and families won’t visit our sunny beaches if they’re not sandy and white. To ensure the long- term growth of Florida’s economy mandates the right infra- structure investments today.

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Valuing our Region’s Environment

You don’t need to be a swamp dweller to know that Southeast Florida’s economy depends on a healthy environment. Multiple studies show that for every public dollar invested in our environment, many more dollars are generated for the local economy.

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Supporting Culture through Infrastructure

Southeast Florida has a unique opportunity to get it right. As we plan together responsibly for our region’s future, we must resolve to make our communities great. An essential ingredient in achieving that greatness is the arts and culture.

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Park(ing) Day as Urban Acupuncture

Through the project of Park(ing) Day throughout the world, the process of urban acupuncture has been used to create a purposeful small intervention that can gage how people use public space in the city. The design was a collaborative process to create a contextually responsive project.

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Broward County’s Community Assets & Culture

From the beginning, Seven50 recognized the integral role culture and community assets have to the social and economic prosperity of our region. Broward County illustrates why Seven50 so aptly embraced this reality.

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Transportation at the Core of Economic Prosperity

Businesses expect that the transportation system will provide for the efficient and reliable delivery and distribution of goods and services to all markets, and that it will serve employer needs for recruitment and retention of a high-quality workforce. People want to live and work in places with a high quality of life, including reasonable commutes.

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How Can Small Buildings Help Large-Scale Planning?

SevenSO is a regional plan, a big plan. The most vibrant urban neighborhoods, like Boston’s North End or New York’s West Village or Miami’s Little Havana, are made of many small buildings. What do big plans and small buildings have to do with each other? Plenty!

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The Fiber Optic Revolution

The Fiber Optic Revolution may affect us more forcefully than the Industrial Revolution affected our forefathers. Instead of drawing millions from the farms into the repressive factories of the dingy cities; this Revolution will be liberating; creating economies of wealth for all, substantially improving our quality of life.

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Education is the Center of our Region’s Economic Prosperity

As a society, we all desire for each child to attain success, every adult to obtain gainful and meaningful employment, our quality of life to be enhanced as we grow toward a vital future and a citizenry totally engaged in creating a world where prosperity is for all. The key is education at all levels and in multiple ways.

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