Plan Overview

A robust economy, a solid and growing job base, and a more adaptable and competitive region and State: this is our responsibility. Seven50 (seven counties, SO years) is a process that allows local leaders to imagine and decide how best to accomplish this – a process that encourages people to imagine their desired future. It is a data-driven, public-interest based process for regional thought. A framework that provides the seven counties of southeast Florida the ability to focus on major issues that go beyond city limits, county lines, state limits and national borders. These issues include: economic development, transportation, education, food supply, energy, leadership, climate resilience and more.

  • As a PROCESS, SevenSO strives to establishing a culture of communication and cooperation. It provides a neutral forum for collaborative regional thinking and leadership from both the public and private sectors.
  • As a TOOL, SevenSO serves as the basis to create a healthy and competitive environment for businesses in the region and to provide certainty for the future.
  • As a VISION, SevenSO identifies trends to allow lo- cal governments and businesses to be better prepared and more competitive. It fosters the ability to take a pro-active approach towards change; particularly the kind of change that aims at protecting a community’s unique scale and character, and preserves and im- proves the quality of life.
  • As a GOAL, SevenSO seeks to protect, restore, and  enhance Southeast Florida and ensure it remains a thriving paradise for generations to come.

What is seven50?

  1. A voluntary process to develop an investment plan for the public, private, and civic organiza- tions in the seven-county region (Monroe, Miami- Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River).
  2. A tool to become more competitive as a region.
  3. A public-led effort to embed local issues in the regional context and to resolve regional issues at the local level.
  4. A platform to identify the best opportunities for working together on regional initiatives.
  5. A resource to identify future trends (demograph- ics, economy, market, technology, etc) that will likely impact local governments and quality of life in the region.

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