Arts education partnership


partnershipArts Education Partnership (AEP) is a national coalition of education, arts, business, cultural, government, and philanthropic organizations that serves as the nation’s hub for individuals and organizations committed to making high-quality arts education accessible to all U.S. students. It was established in 199S through a unique inter-agency agreement between the National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Department of Education. Its roles include:

  • Serving as recognized source of objective and nonpartisan information about arts education research and the ways that the arts contribute to student success.
  • Providing information about reliable arts-based best practices that improve teaching and learning in and out of school. That includes two national forums each year to help foster collaboration and actions that secure the role of arts education in the curriculum.
  • Improving policy and practice in order to make the job of adding the arts to education easier. That includes an ArtsEd- Search database, the nation’s first clearinghouse of research examining the mounting body of evidence about the benefits of an arts education.

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A useful AEP publication is Preparing Students for the Next America: The Benefits of an Arts Education. The publication, which draws from research in ArtsEdSearch, provides information on the multiple school, life, and work benefits of an arts education. Students-for-the-Next-America-FINAL.pdf

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