Broward County’s Community Assets & Culture


By Suzanne Gunzburger

From the beginning, Seven50 recognized the integral role culture and community assets have to the social and economic prosperity of our region. Broward County illustrates why Seven50 so aptly embraced this reality.

Broward County residents and visitors are able to engage in a rich variety of arts, culture, community education and learning opportunities. These outlets provide positive economic benefits through strong county, state, city, and private partnerships resulting in sustainable community assets. In 2013, Broward’s arts and culture industry is estimated to generate up to $230 million in economic activity, supporting more than 6,400 jobs, providing approximately $157 million in household income, and realizing a return on investment of some $21.9 mil- lion in local and state revenue.

Broward’s private/public sectors play a vital role to foster, incubate,  and  maintain  a  healthy  environment in order for the arts to flourish. Jointly, we have made a shift in focus from grant programs to incentive programs. These new incentive-based initiatives provide arts education experiences to our youth and adults in artistically underserved segments through collaborative business partnerships with individuals and community based organizations. This new philosophy also helps artists embrace technology and strengthen their business skills.

Looking ahead to Broward County’s 100th Birthday in 2015, our public and private cultural infrastructures are already fully engaged in crafting a Centennial Happening that will transcend that celebration and also become an annual signature event. What better way to demonstrate Broward’s “Sawgrass to Seagrass” inclusiveness and showcase Broward’s Seven50 commitment to insure the region’s continued cultural and economic prosperity and community assets’ enrichment?

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