Create incentives & investment strategies to protect environmental resources

In addition to traditional land use regulation and environmental controls and requirements, creative strategies based on incentives and investment strategies must be developed and applied within Southeast Florida to protect our still existing abundant natural resources. An example of such a technique is the use of Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) as a way to incentivize development away from environmentally sensitive areas to areas more suitable for development.

Palm Beach County established a TDR program in 1993; as of 2008, 35,000 acres of sensitive lands had been preserved. Miami-Dade County established a TDR program in 1981 and has preserved 4,14S acres of sensitive lands as of 2008.21 Other mar- ket driven efforts include conservation easements, carbon sequestration agreements and biofuel production.

Other programs available to agriculture and rural land owners are included in the table below:


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