Develop regional cultural assets according to a hub & spoke strategy

Greater Synergy through Concentrating and Connecting Cultural Arts Amenities

The cultural arts, like other retail and entertainment amenities, thrive and create more economic spinoff and energy when they are strategically located in and near central markets. In a long linear region with a series of urban centers and surrounding communities and neighborhoods, a hub and spoke approach to establishing cultural facilities and activities can parallel transit facilities and offer urban living opportunities. It allows audiences throughout the region to experience the full inventory of cultural events and venues in the region.

Integrating Cultural Arts into Overall Community Planning

Planning for cultural arts opportunities and venues should be a part of, not separate from, planning for the community. Already, major cultural offerings such as art and science museums and performing arts centers are being located in downtown centers and/or highly trafficked tourism sites, and smaller art centers, theaters, and community-based events are being situated in neighborhoods close to where families live and children go to school. Signature art events are also evolving throughout that hub and spoke cultural network. Reinforcing that network, the connecting transportation corridors can also be used to incorporate public art and quality design principles that celebrate Southeast Florida. Examples include wayfinding signs and street furniture as well as bus shelters that can be models of quality design in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

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