Empower the region’s arts leadership to implement the arts objective of the seven50 plan

Capitalizing on the Region’s Strong Cultural Arts Leadership

Each Southeast Florida county has a strong, well-established lo- cal arts agency that enjoys the support of the public and private sectors and is recognized as among the best in the nation for effectively cultivating the arts and culture. Individually and collectively they have a strong track record of implementing visionary cultural planning, conducting actionable cultural re- search, establishing innovative and successful arts policies and programs, and coordinating that work with their civic, tourism, and economic development counterparts. They also help sup- port, promote, and advocate on behalf of thousands of artists and non-profit arts organizations. They and the South Florida Cultural Consortium provide the leadership nucleus to implement the cultural recommendations of the Seven50 plan.

Involving the Region’s Cultural Arts Organizations in Seven50 Implementation

Where Seven50 priorities result in projects (transit for example) in one or more counties, the cultural agencies should be called on to assess and recommend the applicability of the arts and culture objectives of the Blueprint. Those agencies and the arts organizations and artists they serve can be powerful partners in helping with Blueprint implementations. In addition, the South Florida Cultural Consortium is in a strategic position to help coordinate and carry out arts and culture objectives for projects that affect all or most of the region.

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