Farm-to-school & Farm-to-table programs

Both Farm-to-School and Farm-to-Table programs facilitate get- ting local produce into local use. In Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provides assistance for those interested in setting up such a program. The purpose is to promote opportunities for schools and local farmers to work together and provide fresh nutritious food to students. By working with the schools, farmers can plan ahead as to what, when, and how much to grow or produce. Curriculum and classroom experiences (farm tours and classroom sessions with farmers and chefs, for example) centered on local food can also be part of the program. A farm-to-table program works much the same way. In that approach, restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, companies with in-house dining, and institutions such as hospitals and universities buy products from local farmers. Some pro- grams facilitate the process by helping with marketing to make buyers aware of local products and how to buy them and assisting with distribution.

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