Future Investments: Bus Rapid Transit, Broadway Steet, Fellsmere

There are several opportunities to better connect Southeast Florida in order to encourage economic prosperity and regional innovation. Implementing additional transit options in key loca- tions such as Fellsmere, will not only make the area more livable, but also more accessible.

Proposed Conditions

Bus Rapid Transit is a method that is used to connect transit patrons to popular destinations in a way that is both reliable and economically feasible. Implementing a fast and effective bus service system in Fellsmere will provide an opportunity for residents to gain access to major resources in the surrounding area. Bus Rapid transit is also sustainable–contributing to a reduction in automobile trips and greenhouse gas emissions. A dynamic transit system has the potential to increase nearby land values, increase connectivity to employment, reduce auto-related infrastructure costs to cities and counties, and reduce transportation costs for residents while also further engendering a sense of community and place.

Private investment follows public. A tree-lined boulevard with wide sidewalks which can be used for outdoor dining gives the sites along Broadway Street greater “curb appeal.” A walkable, traffic-calmed street keeps pedestrians safe. Customers are also more likely to frequent multiple businesses when they can walk to them in a “park-once” environment.

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