Future Investments Transit-Oriented Evernia Station, West Palm Beach

Central West Palm Beach has experienced steady development in recent decades and the downtown area has become a vibrant place to live, work and enjoy entertainment. The mixed-use urban center is rapidly becoming more walkable; however, the majority of users still navigate West Palm Beach via automobile–even though the Tri-Rail is in close proximity.

Proposed Conditions

The existence of a new possible Tri-Rail site presents a unique opportunity for growth and connectivity in the city. Although there are multiple train stations in the region, they are often underutilized and difficult to access.

Transit Oriented Development at Evernia Street will take advantage of an opportunity while also connecting transit users to an already dynamic destination.

A lively, pedestrian-friendly and mixed-use main street with on-street parking and continuous street trees should serve as the core of Transit Oriented Development. Incorporating a community center, a daycare facility and a public park that are within walking distance from homes and offices will allow for a sustainable lifestyle in West Palm Beach. Residential streets should be lined with a variety of housing options, including apartment buildings and rowhouses. A parking structure, lined by habitable buildings on all sides and fixed-route buses that circulate the edge of the neighborhood will further contribute to the usability and connectivity of the development.

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