Improve coordination & collaboration among all levels of government & the private sector

Many issues, especially those involving housing, workforce development, economic development, transportation, healthy communities, and comprehensive planning cannot be addressed at a single level of government. Adequate coordination is needed to plan for orderly growth in Southeast Florida because plans and decisions made by a local government will have an impact upon other public agencies and independent organizations and vice versa. Intergovernmental coordination involves how governmental entities within the Southeast Florida region work with each other, with adjacent local governments, and with other quasi-public entities such as the school board, water and sewer authorities, and transportation agencies.

Varying levels of government have different goals. Improved coordination of the goals and policies at all levels of government will help to align community needs and desires and prevent conflicts of interest. Seven50 encourages partnerships that integrate housing, transportation, water infrastructure, and land use planning and the implementation of strategies that provide more transportation choices, promote affordable housing, enhance economic competitiveness, support existing communities, coordinate policies and leverage investment, and value communities and neighborhoods.

Integrating the private sector is essential to promoting growth in a community. Individual efforts have been responsible for transforming the very fabric of cities, tapping into resources otherwise inaccessible to the public sector. Public-private partnerships should be organized to create the most mutually beneficial arrangement, serving taxpayers and other stakeholders alike.

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