Protect & enhance the unique character of all communities & ensure protection of private property rights

As mentioned several times throughout this report, the diversity contained within the seven-county region is nothing short of staggering. Retirees, immigrants, out-of-towners and life-long residents alike call this area home. This amalgamation has created many communities with a strong sense of character, with an atmosphere that is uniquely theirs.

These deeply ingrained characteristics all contribute to the large burst of popularity South Florida has seen, along with all of the economic benefits that accompany such growth. The benefits however, are accompanied by the many pressures of development, placing communities at risk of diluting their character.

With the knowledge that each of these locales is an integral part of South Florida, one of the chief efforts of the plan is prioritizing the protection of home-grown culture and individual property rights. Keeping local efforts local retains the tight-knit communities so many Floridians have grown up with and seek to preserve for the future. Maintaining property rights ensures that power is kept in the hands of those directly influenced by legislative actions. Every effort should be made to keep the diversity of Florida communities, while still moving forward with a unified regional effort.

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