Raising land- build stronger, safer, higher

Cities sit on layers of history because structures, roads, and even the groundplain itself in many cases, has been incrementally elevated for various environmental or climactic reasons. FEMA flood regulations mandate the elevation of new structures in flood prone areas. New flood zones will be created as the water rises. Elevating roads above the floodplain will help them stay pass- able in times of high water events. In some cases, like the Tamiami Trail, raising roads can help to restore natural flows of water and allow animals to pass unimpeded as they historically could. In other cases, low-lying roads that flood often need to be raised so they stay passable in times of storms and keep businesses and homes reachable. This can have some adverse affects on adjacent land. When the roads are raised, excess water still needs to go somewhere, if adjacent land is still low-lying, it will hold the water that once flooded the road.

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