Regional Leadership Advocacy Organizations should operate as one voice for the region

Successful regional advocacy organizations must be able to rise above local and partisan politics and act in the public interest. They must provide a safe forum for regional conversations. Trust and relationships are built by working toward a common agenda and shared goals. These organizations provide an important connection between their diverse participants across various sectors to work toward common goals.

Lead Through Sound Information

Regional advocacy organizations are valuable to the degree they provide trusted, pioneering research on timely issues that allows informed decision-making. The research must provide a holistic view of long-term consequences and incremental impacts.

Be a Good Strategic Communicator

Investment in continuous education, public outreach and communications to a broad audience are key practices for successful regional organizations. All forms of media, events, and eye-catching publications are key tools.

Provide a Regional Voice

Effective regional advocacy organizations provide a unified voice on regional issues and must advance public policies and investments critical to their region’s quality of life and economic success. The regional advocacy organization must create an impressive list of accomplishments. Important to the organization’s influence is that its voice comes from the region’s top leaders from different geographies, political parties, and interests.

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