Using the Best Data… But Ready to Update the Projections


By Nancy Gassman, PhD

The modeling of mid-century concerns will address the day to day impacts of sea level rise. Extreme events such as hurricanes, unusual rainfall, and other unpredictable occurrences will also impact our community and are likely to drive changes in attitudes and investments. The Compact Counties have agreed to use the 24 inch projection as a planning maximum for 2060. Even with predictions of greater sea level rise by the end of the century, two feet of rise will continue to fall within the range of expected values for 2060.  The Compact’s technical group will be reconvened following release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report in 2014. Adjustments in the planning projection will be made at that time and incrementally as we move forward with building community climate resilience. Local governments can use the Seven50 Plan as a vision of what could be while adapting to what is and what can reasonably be foreseen in the near future.

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